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We help Morocco's brightest startups build sustainable growth

SB3S, Southbridge A&I's entrepreneurial support and innovative program design structure, is now positioned as a key player in pre-acceleration, acceleration and post-investment support in Morocco and Africa.

Capitalizing on Southbridge A&I's experience and successful references in entrepreneurship and innovative programs, SB3S aims to strengthen startups' strategic and operational skills to help them prosper, while opening up a large-scale network to them.

Set up as a Venture Studio with the country's most sought-after resources, both strategic (high-level consultants) and operational (tech, digital, data, legal, financial, marketing...), SB3S operates in a fully integrated model, aiming to create tomorrow's champions in an optimized and cost-effective way.

Supported by a team of consultants, entrepreneurs at heart and passionate individuals, SB3S aims to provide Moroccan entrepreneurs with the tool box they need, involving rewarding methods that have already proven sharp on the Moroccan and African context.

Our values
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Encouraging the most innovative projects with the greatest potential and impact, driving startups to think outside the box.

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Building a community where founders can connect with mentors, investors, and other entrepreneurs to share resources and insights.

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Instilling a mindset that embraces change and overcomes challenges, crucial for navigating the ecosystem.

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Providing rigorous training and resources that empower entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and make impactful decisions.

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Being 100% convinced that passion is the cornerstone of every groundbreaking venture.